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Forestry Services

Arboriculture is the art and science of caring for individual trees. Forestry is the art and science of caring for groups of trees, or forests. Forestry takes into account the whole ecosystem; the relationship between plants, animals, fungi, water and people. Urban Forestry looks at this relationship in the city, town or other developed setting.

Urban Forests and Woodlands

An urban forest is simply a forest in an urban area. Urban forests include parks and woodlands as well as the boulevard trees. Like a natural forest, an urban forest is a functioning ecosystem that includes things like soil, trees and wildlife. However in this ecosystem, people and buildings with all the associated bi-products are key players.

Trees provide numerous benefits to our communities. In an urban setting trees shade buildings and streets, which reduces energy costs. They also clean the air, which makes our bodies healthier. They add beauty and character to otherwise ordinary buildings and streets. These benefits add up to dollars, both in savings and added value.

As a consultant, Levy Tree Care can assist you in developing a forest or woodland management plan.

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Tree Inventory

You have to know what you have in order to manage and protect it! For a community forest or development project, this is done through a tree inventory. At a very minimum, this inventory tells the number, species, size and condition of your trees. This information can be used in planning and protecting the trees you already have so that you have more options to work with in the future.

Disease Management

Disease management is important in sustaining a healthy and long-lived forest. If left unrecognized and unmanaged, certain insects and diseases can devastate a community forest. This was very evident in the 1970’s and 1980’s with the rapid spread of Dutch Elm Disease, Those communities that had management programs still have beautiful elms left today on the boulevards and in the parks. We don’t know what disease will be next, but we do anticipate the arrival of the Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Long-horned Beetle in northern Minnesota. Like inventory and risk management, insect and disease management should be incorporated into the planting and maintenance programs of all urban tree projects.

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Tree Preservation during Construction

As a community grows, there is inevitably construction around trees. A plan needs to be in place to protect those trees, both on the boulevards and in forest developments. If there is no plan, trees will be lost and many dollars will needlessly be thrown away removing trees that could survive if a preservation plan is in place.

Small Woodland Management

Managing small woodlands is a unique urban service that taps into Levy Tree Care’s traditional forestry expertise. We first take the goals that you have for your small forest or woodlot and develop a plan based on sound forest ecology and forestry practices. We then can then guide implementation of that plan in whatever way is necessary. Whether your goal is wildlife habitat, aesthetic beauty or even fuelwood production, Levy Tree Care can make it happen.

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