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Tree and Stump Removal

Levy Tree Care focuses its services on the health, beauty and longevity of your trees. Sometimes, however, to protect the overall safety and health of your property, a tree that poses a hazard to people or structures should be removed. We do not include big tree removal and stump grinding in our suite of services, but offer these suggestions  when contacting area companies that specialize in tree and stump removal.

– If you want quotes from more than one company, make sure you compare apples to apples.  The cheapest quote is not always the best decision for your property. Make a list of what you want done, and ask the same thing of each company’s sales representative. If the services included in the quote aren’t spelled out, request a detailed explanation of what is included. For example, stump grinding is an additional fee that is worth paying for if you want to use that space for future planting.

– In general, large tree removal is a straightforward process. The whole tree is coming down, usually in pieces, using a climber or a piece of equipment such as a bucket or lift. Some things to consider:

  • It is okay for a climber to use spikes when removing a tree. It is NOT okay for a climber to use spikes when pruning limbs.
  • If heavy equipment is being used, will it damage the ground by creating ruts or compacting the soil?
  • Are the workers wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) such as hard hats, ear and eye protection, and gloves? If they are not, their lack of respect for their own health may carry over into the level of attention and professionalism they give to the work on your property.

– Check with the City of Duluth to make sure the company you are considering is licensed to work within city limits. If you live in another town or city, call the city office to ask if tree service companies are required to have a license. Licensure requires a specific level of liability insurance and professional competency, as reflected in the ISA Certified Arborist credential and membership in one or more professional societies.

– The following businesses have a 2015 City of Duluth tree contractor license:

  • Amberjack Tree Service  218-722-5342
  • Bark’s Tree Service          218-349-1922
  • Booker’s Tree Care          218-343-7837     Kelly Haworth
  • Duluth Tree Service        218-349-2684     Hans Casperson
  • Eagle Lake Forestry        218-349-2186
  • Grover Tree Experts       218-626-9663
  • Levy Tree Care*               218-393-4847
  • Northern Clearing           715-682-6626
  • Rick’s Tree and Stump Removal     218-728-2427


*Levy Tree Care does not offer big tree removal.